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How I Help


The tapestry of your life experience is unique to you, just as your therapeutic journey will be. My success with individuals pursuing therapy combines providing a safe space for the exploration of individual needs with the development of a ‘tool box’ of strategies and interventions designed for empowerment, growth, balance and self care. Empathy is such an essential aspect of the human experience, and what we seek in our relationships and our lives.


So often we are kinder to others than we are to ourselves, just based on our inner narrative. Within the safety of the therapeutic alliance, we explore how the ‘inner critic’ impacts and influences thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and ways to adjust and update. Whether you are feeling anxious, depressed, stuck, struggling with circumstances beyond your control, and/or adjusting to the overwhelming changes and crises that occur with life, choosing to prioritize YOU is a worthy investment, and I am committed to supporting you in your therapeutic endeavors. 



I have had continued success in my work with couples addressing many areas of their lives: outdated/maladaptive communication, infidelity/trust, divorce/coparenting, conflict resolution, infertility, career change/development, trauma recovery and others. I focus on assisting couples with the development and implementation of effective communication skills while simultaneously addressing the underlying factors that influence and impact relationships. Often, traditional therapy sessions are insufficient for couples to make the progress they want and need. In response, I also offer condensed, more intensive alternatives to those interested in pursuing more solution-focused results with attention to the needs of each specific couple.  

Red Leaves


Family systems theory provides a tremendous amount of insight and strategies on the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of family dynamics. Often joint and/or family therapy sessions are helpful in shedding light into underlying and influencing factors present in a client’s individual therapeutic journey. To the extent that they are productive, they are used as an option to explore as part of achieving therapeutic goals.  

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